Community Service

The Grange serves the greater Ann Arbor area by sponsoring a number of public events.

Apple Day

Pressing cider.Generally held the fourth Saturday in September. Press cider (bring your own jugs), help make apple sauce and apple butter, taste a variety of different apples. Fun for the whole family. Participants can bring their own apples press their own cider; a local farmer will be also selling apples suitable for cider on-site. Apple baked goods will be available for purchase.

Family Dances

Held the third Sunday of the month from October through May, Family Dances are a chance for kids, parents, and grandparents to do fun country dances together. A variety of dances are taught and called, with live music!

Junior Makers

Grange Junior Makers is a monthly meetup for kids and their parents to hone their making skills in wood, metal, electronics, farming, textiles...whatever fun but practical project we think up. We meet the 3rd Saturday each month at 10am at the Pittsfield Union Grange.

Preserving Traditions

Making salsa.Preserving Traditions is a monthly workshop series that teaches the basics of home food preservation and cooking. In 2010, workshops are on the 1st Sunday of the month. Topics have included:

  • Intro to canning
  • Making cheese and butter
  • Making old-fashioned (lactofermented ) pickles
  • Making berry pie crust...with lard!
  • Learn to make strawberry jam
  • Home-scale grain milling

We also do occasional demos out in the community, and host one or two "work days" per summer where a group of folks bring bushels of produce and leave with a winter's supply of salsa or other canned goodies. More details, including blog, handouts, and "Yes. We Can." merchandise can be found at

Chelsea and Saline Fairs

The Pittsfield Grange has booths at our local fairs each fall! Come see us:

  • Chelsea Fair, Aug 24-28, 2010 (Tue-Sat)
  • Grange at Saline Fair, Sep 7-11, 2010 (Tue-Sat)

Rural Education Days

The Pittsfield Grange participates in Rural Education Days - an annual event that lets area school kids learn about farms, farming, and where food comes from. We usually teach about grain: what is it, how does it grow, and what do we make out of it? Kids can try grinding some wheat into flour and sample a favorite grain treat - popcorn!

Words for Thirds - the Dictionary Project

The National Grange distributes English and Spanish dictionaries to third graders across the country via the Dictionary Project, and the Pittsfield Grange is proud to support this activity.


Upcoming Events

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